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Can I light a fire or have naked flames onsite?

Afraid not. Keep warm by dancing the night away and keep your bellies stocked with some decent grub cooked by the pros! No gas canisters or related stoves sorry! 

Is there disabled access and facilities?

Due to the nature of the site (being uneven on a hill), it can be difficult to get around the site. Please do email us if you require some extra help, and we will do everything we can to make your visit as enjoyable as possible!

If I’m under 18 can I enter the festival?

On Sunday only yes, but you must be accompanied by a responsible adult over 21 years. Friday and Saturday is over 18s only.

Do I need to bring my ticket print out?

If you can present your ticket electronically, this would be preferable to cut waste paper.  However, should you need to bring a paper ticket, it will be recycled for you on site.

Can I sleep in my car or camp in the carpark?

No we’re afraid not, please purchase a weekend ticket that includes camping or even a campervan pass.

Can I bring a tent and what kind?

Yes bring a tent if you have a weekend ticket and plan to get some kip! (2hrs at least a night highly advised). Make sure your tent is waterproof and you have a peg or two. 

Can I bring alcohol in if I’m camping?

Yes but there is a limit due to licencing. 8 cans of normal strength beer or cider or 1 normal box of wine per person. All in unopened original sealed containers. Strictly no spirits or glass. Limits allowed on one entrance only. 

Do you offer phone charging onsite?

Yes we do just by the main campsite entrance, ask one of the super friendly stewards or security to point you in the right direction.

When do we open?

Campsite 12pm on the 24th of September with the arena shortly after. We have to move you on Monday though I’m afraid…. By 12pm. 

Are dogs welcome?

The furry one’s…. unfortunately not. No dogs across the whole site unless it’s a guide dog.

Can I bring alcohol into the main arena, either from the campsite or if I have bought a day ticket?

Sorry folks due to licencing, no. The bars are reasonable, happy hours are good and so are the volunteer staff for a bit of banter (and it’s a charity festival!)

Do you have showers onsite?

Yes we do have showers, so you can scrub up lovely for the next day of antics (or just stop the smell).

Do I need a carpark pass?

Yes, you will need to purchase a carpark pass. We have this sytem in place to encourage lift sharing, protect our license and make more money for charity!

How far is the carpark from the festival?

Not far at all! Approximately 1 minute walk or less! (30 seconds if you have really long legs) 


If you would like to bring a Gazebo then happy days, but please be considerate to others and don’t take up huge amounts of space that you don’t need! 

Do I need to bring ID?

Yes please: passport, UK driving licence or any photo ID with the PASS hologram on. We operate a Challenge 25 policy, so if you’re lucky enough to look under 25, please ensure you bring ID!

Can I volunteer?

Yes! If you’re a lovely person and fancy a bit (sometimes a lot!) of unpaid work, you can apply to volunteer here. The whole festival has grown to the level it is due to volunteers giving their time. However, you need to be reliable and in a fit state to work. If you have any further crazy skills you might think will help us out and are keen to get involved, please drop us an email!

Can I get cash out at the festival?

We are working on this, but right now…no.  The main bars and most caterers take card.

Is there first-aid on site?

Yes! Many of our managers and security personnel are first aid trained, or you can visit our lovely medical team for a bit of TLC.

When do the bars open?

12 noon til 3am (tbc)

Now the big question…..what do I wear?

Anything you desire! (as long as its safe and does not offend others of course!)


How do I get to this wonderful place? 

Train – the nearest and best station to get to is Stevenage, this has the most trains and a good reliable service. Its just 22mins from London Kings Cross on the train and a short 10 minute taxi ride to the festival, yep just 32mins from Kings Cross…. insane! Clever trains. 

Car – SG14 3RR is the postcode for satnavs, this should bring you into the vision of local festival signs, as soon as you see these please follow them! Car sharing is always recommended to look after our lovely planet and also to save on the carpark ticket. You can also use What 3 Words to find us:

Taxi – Same as a car however you will have a driver who knows where to go! Please use the drop off and pick up area signposted. Say thanks to your friendly driver as that taxi driver can be very helpful when you need to get home in the dead of night!

Bus – Please use caution as the final walk from the bus stop to the festival is not lit and does not have the best footpath.